Things to consider before planting a tree

Planting the trees are beneficial for us and when you plant new trees, it is important to take correct decisions about the things which are considered before planting a tree. It is not easy to buy a new plant and place it there. You must keep most of the things in mind before planting trees to keep them healthy.

Here are some common things that you must consider before planting trees.

Before planting trees, finding a suitable place is a very first thing to consider. Figure out where the sun direct hits your home because a well-placed tree can reduce home heating and cooling cost. On the other side more few things you need to keep in mind which is soil condition, shade when necessary, and overall place to grow your trees.

If you planted trees to the north or northwest side of your home can help block winter winds and this will reduce energy cost and will redirect wind patterns around the structure. When you are going to plant the trees in your yard, it is not a good idea to block the entry points of your house because the large trees or shrubs may obstruct the front door is uninviting to your guests. Plant a tree too close to your house eventually cause damage to the foundation.

Trees provide a fresh environment and invite squirrels, birds, and many other creatures who are looking for a healthy home and this will not only change the visible landscape, but you also impact the local ecosystem. The best time to planting a tree in the fall or early spring as it is not much hot and the tree won’t need water after every few hours, because if you are planting the trees in summer this would need a lot of water to stay moisturized due to heat and humidity in the atmosphere.

Soil conditions are one of the most neglected factors while choosing a tree because the chemical and physical properties of soils play an essential part in the healthy development of a tree and the soil should have enough space for air circulation and drainage too. The other thing which is also kept in mind the size of your tree when you plant and you won’t have to worry about crowded roots or near-constant pruning.  

Sometimes what’s good for us isn’t so good for others or neighbors because trees that drop messy leaves or seedpods may not be good for your neighbors as you can do this that pruned your tree from the other side which is hanging over your neighbor yard.

Take this consideration and get start planting!