Trees have a number of benefits to human health. The most important benefit of trees are they absorb carbon dioxide and other dangerous gases from the air, and in return, they produce the oxygen which we breathe. According to research a healthy tree can produce enough oxygen for the four persons, but the carbon dioxide that causes by one person is absorbed by five trees. Trees can help in purifying the water and make able to drink. Trees are a good source of decreasing stress and improve mental recovery. The latest research shows that the area covered with the trees and help in reducing the cause of obesity up to 20 per cent, especially in kids.

There are many different benefits that trees have on human beings; some of them are discussed below.

Protection from the heat:

Trees have many health advantages such as they are the source of purifying the air, disease prevention, stress relief, fruits and vegetables and many other advantages. Trees on a large scale can decrease the heat and direct sunlight. Trees on the side of your house can keep your house cool and fresh. Trees on a particular area can reduce the heat temperature up to 4 degrees.

Increase life span:

According to the research conducted by the Harvard researcher, they have concluded that people who live in green areas have fewer chances of accidental deaths up to 12 per cent. And people who belong to the agriculture activities have lower chances of respiratory illness and the different types of cancer.

The health associates and the doctors suggest people have fruits and vegetables in their diet. And its fact the people who eat vegetables and fruits on a regular basis remain healthy than people who eat junk food. Even hospitals and mental health centers focusing on planting trees in their places, trees and greenery help the people to recover fast.

Helps in better sleep:

The people who suffer from sleeping disorders, the doctors suggest them to grow plants and trees in their garden. The study is conducted on 255000 peoples, and researchers have examined the effect of the tree on their sleep. And they have discovered that the people who lived in the green area have a healthy sleep. Even they have conducted research on all ages of people, and they get the good effects of trees on their health.

Prevent heart attacks:

Trees have numerous health benefits, and there are many dangerous diseases like cancer, cardiovascular, diabetics, blood pressure and trees reduces the causes of these diseases to happen. The research is conducted by the students of Harvard, the research about the people who live in urban cities and people who live in rural areas. And have discovered that the people who live in rural areas have a lower ratio of heart diseases. The people who live in green areas have a low ratio of heart-related diseases than the people in the big cities full of pollution.