What is the relationship that exists between human behavior and the environment?

This question has been thoroughly studied by environmental psychologists, they seek to understand how the things that surround us and the environment have an impact on our well-being and behavior. But also, they are studying how our behaviors and actions are affecting the environment as well; for example, pollution, which takes effect because of our actions, affects our well-being.



But on the other hand, we human beings can take positive actions towards our environment, for example, recycling and using recycled products. By doing so, we save a huge amount of energy since recycling consumes less energy when we compare it to producing something from scratch. In turn, this positive behavior has a positive impact on our environment, since it helps us battle global warming and climate change, which are one of the biggest threats that our species are facing.

So can we claim that humans have direct impact on their environment and surroundings, are we responsible for global warming? A lot of evidence suggest that, yes, we are the ones who are responsible for the current situation.


For example, a volcano activity might occur, which releases greenhouse gases in enormous quantities. Such event is classified as a natural cause when we are studying the origins of global warming. However, when scientists studied the behavior of climate change, statistics showed that the changes are too drastic and quick, which means that natural causes can not be held responsible for climate change.

During the past century, humans have been capable of making huge leaps in technological advancements, now while we were becoming better in certain areas like agriculture, energy and industrial production; we were also affecting our atmosphere.

Detrimental Impacts of Greenhouse Gases


There are a lot of greenhouse gas sources which include planes, automobiles, agriculture, and most important industrial production. The problem with greenhouse gases is that they absorb and emit heat, for example, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane is abundant in our atmosphere.

The increase in temperature does not mean we will enjoy a warmer winter, it results however in heat waves, wildfires and rise of water levels due to the melting of sea ice which leads to floods.

Unfortunately, scientists predict that with time, we will be experiencing an even bigger harmful impact, for example, since the ambient temperature is rapidly increasing, animals and plants are failing at adapting as quickly, which leads to them not being able to survive, and that will result in their extinction.


The question now arises, how can we slow down the effects of climate change to avoid these catastrophic consequences?

First of all, we need to admit the existence of a dangerous problem, raise awareness around the topic and start to take action. Climate change is a real threat to our planet and our existence as a species.

The real hard truth is we do not have time to wait, we need to start now, by practicing positive behaviors such as recycling, conserving energy, minimizing our industrial activities / make them less polluting, use automobiles less. All of these are useful measures that we should take.


Also, we must consume less meat, chicken and dairy products, because their agriculture industry plays a big role in contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

We must work every day on slowing down climate change and hopefully reverse its effect on our planet.