There has been a significant cut-down of the forests over the past few years. Because of which disastrous consequences have been observed globally. According to researches and studies, the primary forest area located outside the conservation area is decreasing rapidly. Almost 40 million hectares of the primary forests are reduced in the last decade. This has impacted our environment a lot, bringing severe changes drastically.

Thus, managing the trees keeping sustainability in mind has become necessary. There are several advantages of sustainable tree management, some of which are mentioned below. Here we have compiled a list of some benefits which will clarify how important managing the trees keeping sustainability in mind is.

Benefits for human health:

Almost all of us are already aware that trees are the primary source of oxygen as a result of active photosynthesis. Not only this, but trees also remove carbon dioxide from the air, making it cleaner and healthier for human beings. The fossil fuels, which are often burned regularly, tend to emit harmful gases which are continually damaging the environment. The trees play a crucial role in eliminating these gases and making the air cleaner, fresher, and healthier. This isone reason why Amazon rainforest is significant for our earth.

The benefit of trees for urban areas:

Other than just being a beautiful addition to the city, there are several other advantages of the trees as well. The pollutants which are emitted from the industries are absorbed by the trees, which makes the environment cleaner. Moreover, the cities can achieve a more vivacious and vibrant appearance by planting different species of trees all around. Thus, an effective tree management plan is necessary to ensure sustainability.