Saving trees for our future

Trees play an important for the survival of living things on the earth. The people don’t know the importance of the trees they just know to get shade from the direct sunlight or to get fruits. We need to plant more trees to save us and the future of our children’s. Trees are the great gift from the nature they provide us food, shelter, oxygen and protect us from the dangerous gasses in the air. They can also protect us from floods. The most important thing is that they make our environment fresh and beautiful. Tree planting is like investing for our better future, the millions of the trees are accidentally planted by the squirrels. We should create awareness among the people to save trees, especially among the young students. The initiative is taken by organizations and the schools; everybody should contribute to their level. There following tips to save trees for our future.

Stop excess cutting of the tree.

In this era of technology, people are shifting on digital instruments for working. The companies focusing on the paperless strategies to save cutting trees for paper, according to the research there are millions of the trees cut to use in making the paper. We can use digital accessories to prevent the use of the paper. We should also stop cutting trees for furniture; there are many different types of material available in the market to make furniture and its look like the wood. We have to shift on other materials to save the trees. By minimizing the use of the paper and the furniture we can save millions of the trees for our future.

Role of the Government:

The government should take serious steps to prevent the unnecessary cutting of the trees. There should be a law made for saving the trees. There should be a proper license for cutting the trees. The government should grant subsidies to the organizations that are working to save trees. There should be seminars arranged to aware the people about the importance of the trees. The ad on the television is also effective to aware the people. There should be a ban on the newspapers and many other papers for the advertisement.

Protect forests

We should also focus on the protection of the existing forests; many dangerous parasites can destroy the forests. Due to global warming, there is an increase in the chances of different viruses and nematodes. They can destroy the trees or even the whole forest. There should be a proper department which has the responsibility of maintaining the forest. They have to administer the chemical sprays to prevent the parasites to destroy the trees.

Replace wood accessories:

The wood is used in making the wood cutlery, or even in making disposable cutlery like, plates, glass, spoon, etc. we should use plastic or other material to make cutlery than the wood. Or use minimize the use of the paper towel, we can use the cotton made towels. These small savings can save a lot for our future.