Pruning is considered a haircut for trees; it helps in maintaining the shape of a tree and provides a tidy look to your lawn. Pruning helps in the removal of dead, diseased and, damaged branches of your tree to give it a handsome look.

It also reduces the risk of falling dead and unwanted branches in your lawn, the preferred time for pruning a tree is in the fall when leaves fall off from the tree and there is enough time for them to grow back.

Here are some points why is it important to prune trees:

  • Pruning helps and speeds up the new growth of a tree.
  • It shapes and provides a good look to a tree by removing branches that are close to the trunk and hanging at unnecessary length.
  • It provides a way to flow air properly, allow sun exposure and, pruning also provides shade because of the proper shape of the tree.
  • It also removes dead branches that help in the loss of excess weight a tree is carrying and the tree uses its energy for wellness and overall growth.

Trim The Canopy Of Trees

Pruning helps in trimming the canopy or crown of the tree, you can easily cut and maintain branches to enhance the look of your tree as you desire. Make sure to remove any unwanted and dead branches that are headed towards your electrical wires or your neighbors’ lawn.

Under Pruning

This is an important part of pruning as maintenance to your tree, basically under pruning is the removal of branches that are too close to the trunk of a tree. These branches block the natural shape of a tree. Under pruning also helps in the removal of branches that are exposed at a certain height and can cause injury by striking you on the face while walking or performing any activity near a tree. After pruning this certain area of a tree, your tree will provide a lovely and natural form. Also, you can hang spotlights and any other decorative things on your pruned tree!

Too Much Pruning Can Cause Problems

Although pruning helps the overall structure and health of a tree, there are some issues that arise from wrong or over-pruning a tree than a certain limit.

  • Excess pruning can weaken the structure and growth of a tree.
  • Pruning a tree at the wrong time or in the wrong season can cause permanent damage to a tree and a tree may end up being dead.
  • If pruning is done wrong then it grows unwanted microorganisms, fungi and, other bacteria on a tree.

Make sure to consult a professional tree care service before pruning a tree, a professional arborist will examine and provide you with a detailed analysis regarding your tree.


After pruning small pieces of branches and shrubs can be used as compost and can be added to the mulch. While larger pieces can be used in your fireplace.

Always take the advice of a professional tree care service for matters that are related to your trees before doing something on your own. It is a good practice not only for the wellness of your tree but also for safety and protection.